Java not starting?

  1. Close existing terminal open and re-open. When Java installs it adds environment variable which will not be added until a new terminal window is started.
  2. Type java -version
  3. If a version appears all is good. If not verify the install of java

License key not found

  1. Verify license key file is located in the ResposneMaster/config directory and not in the main directory.
  2. Verify the license key file is name correctly License.xml

Startup error: Error: Could not find or load main class com.extrememessaging.ResponseMaster.CMain

  1. Verify your current directory in the terminal is usr/…/ResponseMaster. Do a directory listing (ls -la ResponseMaster.jar) and you should see the file ResponseMaster.jar file.
  2. If not change dir to usr/…/ResponseMaster.
    1. cd usr/…/ResponseMaster

Don’t see the quick_start csv output file.

Verify you looking for the file in the usr/…/ResponseMaster/output directory. There will be two files in this directory quick_start_ouput.csv and log.txt. You want to open the quick_start_ouput.csv. This will be a comma separated file which if you open in a text editor will be hard to read. Please open in an editor like Microsoft Excel or Open Office Calc which can correctly format a csv file.

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