Why Process Bounced Emails?

Email is the most efficient way to reach an audience in e-commerce today.  However, the results of an email marketing campaign are only effective if the emails actually reach the customer.  An increasing number of undeliverable or returned emails significantly reduces product placement and income.  Dealing with bounced emails is inefficient and costly. Extreme Messaging offers you ResponseMaster, an automated tool that handles bounced emails.  ResponseMaster can dramatically increase your deliverability ratios and reduce your service costs.  ResponseMaster can increase your infrastructure capacity to accommodate significant amounts of returns.

Stop letting your bounced and returned email pile up and do something about it.

The Salesforce ResponseMaster software can be used to constantly monitor and process your bounced and returned email.  This is recommended for larger organizations who have many campaigns or large email lists. After processing bounced emails, ResponseMaster can update Lead, Contact, and Campaign Member fields to give in-depth bounce reasons. With the bounce reasons correctly associated to your Leads and Contacts, list and campaign quality can be significantly improved.  Greatly increase your click and open rates by having a clean email list.

Your Salesforce bounces can be processed by ResponseMaster.

ResponseMaster has two bounce management solutions available for use with Salesforce.  With Salesforce ResponseMaster Software, you purchase the application, install it on your own platform, and execute it yourself.  With the Salesforce ResponseMaster Processing Service, you provide Extreme Messaging with your data, we process it on our own infrastructure, and we return the results to you.  In summary:

Salesforce ResponseMaster Software

  • ResponseMaster will constantly monitor your returned and bounced mailbox(es) for incoming messages and continually process the messages.
  • As each message is processed, it will update your Salesforce Leads and Contacts with the current status. This provides a means to assure you can get the updated contact information.
  • ResponseMaster software will run on your infrastructure.
ResponseMaster Software

Salesforce ResponseMaster Processing Service

  • You provide Extreme Messaging with a set of returned emails for processing.
  • Extreme Messaging will update your Salesforce data with the status of each Lead and Contact.
  • Extreme Messaging processes your returned email using ResponseMaster on our infrastructure.
WeProcess Service