Extreme Messaging grew out of a need in the email market. In the late 1990s, the partners worked at a startup. The business was ahead of its time and focused on direct email technologies, sending outbound messages to people. The partners were software engineers and noticed that servers often had a hard time delivering large volumes of email. They discovered that 10-percent of the emails took 95-percent of the time to deliver. That lag made it challenging to get actionable information out to our customers on a timely basis in order to meet our delivery service level agreements (SLAs).

The partners looked for a product to solve the problem. As this was the early days of the Internet, no solutions had yet to be developed. They took matters into their own hands and dug down into the intricate ways that mail servers delivered email and how returned email was structured.

As a result, ResponseMaster was born. The partners created a very flexible, highly-configurable and extensible product for returned email (not just bounced email). ResponseMaster was created to provide a means for a business to handle responding to emails. Any automated email attendees can be configured by customers to route email to the appropriate location within an organization.  This is accomplished by using a complex algorithm to identify the reason why the email was returned and to then take the appropriate action.  It just so happens that the correct processing of bounced email is a prerequisite.

ResponseMaster has evolved over the years and been expanded. It now processes bounced emails in all major languages spoken around globe, including English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, several languages in India, and others. Fortune 50 companies rely on the software for its versatility and practical application.