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Release Notes

Module: ResponseMaster
Release #: 759
Date: Nov 15, 2020

Release Overview

This is a beta release. We have added support for versions of Java not released by Oracle.  New bounce rules have been added. The Windows msi installer does not function correctly in this release.  All Windows installs must be completed using the zip package.

Java Support

As of Java version 8, Oracle stopped the practice of providing Java free of charge for commercial use.  A number of organizations have stepped up to continue to provide Java free for commercial use.  As of the end of 2020, the leader in this space is AdoptOpenJDK.  This is an ever-changing landscape. There are a number of providers vying to lead this effort so this may change in the future.  Oracle now offers Java for commercial use as a pay-for product.

As of this release, we have validated both Oracle Java SE v13, and AdoptOpenJDK OpenJDK v11 using JVM HotSpot, against ResponseMaster.

Java Download Locations



Please Note: ResponseMaster no longer supports 32-bit operating systems.


Change Detailed Explanation
Added support for AdoptOpenJDK Supported versions of Java are Oracle v13 and AdoptOpenJDK.
Windows mis not functioning Windows installer will need to be completed using the zip package.
Rule updates Minor changes to a broad set of rules; not focused on a particular language, region, ISP, or mail server.

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