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Release Notes

Module: ResponseMaster
Release #: 736
Date: May 19, 2017

Release Overview

This is a general release; no particular issue is driving it. The most impactful change is improved detection of Delivery Status Data attachments with non-standard MIME types. In some situations, this will result in a more accurate identification of Category and OriginalToAddress. In addition, there are a few minor enhancements and three new message fields.


Change Detailed Explanation
Improved detection of DSD attachments Enhanced the detection of DSD attachments w/the incorrect MIME type.
New message fields (beta): Added support for the following three fields.

  • OriginalFrom
  • OriginalSubject
  • OriginalDate
New BackupInterval option Log and output files can now be rolled to a new file every ten minutes. The new option for BackupInterval and LogBackupInterval is “EveryTenMinutes”. The other options are Daily, Hourly, and Never.


Minor installation improvements Both Windows and Linux have minor improvements to the installers.
Minor rule updates Minor changes to a broad set of rules; not focused on a particular language, region, ISP, or mail server.

Download Instructions

ResponseMaster can be downloaded from


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