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ResponseMaster for Linux

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Release Notes

Module: ResponseMaster
Release #: 714
Date: July 31, 2015

Release Overview

This is a major rule release. No defects had been reported since release 712 so there are no open/reported defects in the product. A few hundred rules were added/updated in this release. The 70% of the rule updates were made to increase coverage outside the US mostly in Asia. 30% of the updated rules affect the US. This release will reduce the number of messages which end up as “User Reply” and will now be categorized correctly.

Defects Corrected

Delivery Item Detailed Explanation

Download Instructions

ResponseMaster can be downloaded from

If you need your password reset please send request to

There are many types of installation packages on the web site (and a few more on the ftp site), make sure to choose the appropriate package for your environment and situation. The types are:

  • Type: Upgrade or Full
  • Operating System: Windows or Linux / 32 or 64 bit
  • Install Package: msi, rpm, gz/tar, zip.

If there are questions or issues please send email to