Largest electronics device manufacturer in the world


Email was a primary marketing tool for the largest electronic-device manufacturer in the world.* The company sent correspondence to every corner of the globe. Before implementing ResponseMaster, the company had a homegrown solution that only correctly processed about 20-percent of returned and bounced emails. The most significant problem for the company was its inability to keep up with volume and frequent changes to email servers, along with all the non english bounce message text.


ResponseMaster was integrated into the company’s email infrastructure. The company now correctly processes nearly 100-percent of returned and bounced emails in every major language around the world.

* A confidentiality agreement with the company does not allow us to provide their name.

Electronics company

An electronics company

Broader Use

A large organization that sends hundreds of millions of emails around the globe and must have accurate bounce and return management.

Outbound Email

Sends hundreds of millions of emails daily

Inbound Email

Receives millions of returned emails, the majority of which are bounced.