Network Solutions is an internet service provider, web designer, and domain registrar.  The company was experiencing difficulty effectively processing user replies and new emails from bounced email. It needed a way distinguish between the two and to route emails to both the correct departments within the company and to the appropriate persons responsible for direct user replies.


The ResponseMaster team at Extreme Messaging created customer-defined categories and rules to properly route emails to the appropriate persons. The solution also incorporated customer-defined data fields. This is a feature to identify information in an email that can be placed in the application. The company became much more effective at processing customer requests and improved outbound email efficiency.

Network Solutions

Online sales

Broader Use

An organization wants to automatically direct all inbound sales and support emails to the appropriate group.

Outbound Email

Sends thousands of automated and user-initiated emails daily

Inbound Email

Receives a combination of new inbound emails, legitimate user replies and bounces to the same mailbox.