Acoustic (formally IBM Watson Marketing)


Acoustic is an email service provider offering email-marketing services to clients. The company operates in multiple languages and was unable to efficiently and accurately process bounced and returned emails. The company needed a way to deliver end-user replies and eliminate unwanted emails.


Extreme Messaging became involved with the project early on as the Acoustic platform was being developed. That allowed for the implementation of a response management solution for Acoustic with seamless integration. ResponseMaster operates as a completely-configurable, highly-scalable element of the Acoustic architecture. ResponseMaster processes all the multilingual and character-set bounce messages generated from around the globe. The use of ResponseMaster allowed Acoustic to invest resources in building an industry-leading electronic marketing platform.


Email Service Provider

Broader Use

All ESPs help clients send emails around the globe and need accurate bounce and return management.

Outbound Email

Sends millions of emails daily

Inbound Email

Receives millions of returned emails